We had to wait a little longer than usual for a few of our football teams to wrap up week six but when it was all said and done there were plenty of great performances from up an down Interstate 81 to add to our weekly list.

Eric Doane took control of Castlewood over in Saltville as everyone expected and led the Panthers to the victory.  Northwood is off to a 5-1 start and will meet the team everyone feels is the one to beat in the district next week, George Wythe.

Speaking of the Rockin' Roons, George Wythe marched over to Russell County last week and met with nearly annual post-season foe Honaker in a rare regular season contest.  The Maroons opened eyes with a 21-3 victory that entailed a defensive effort for the ages.  The George Wythe defense limited Honaker to just 101 yards on 28 carries.  The Tigers were just 4 of 20 passing for 42 yards.  

George Wythe also had some offensive fire-power on its side.  Quarterback Deacon Beamer completed seven of his eleven pass attempts for 96 yards and a touchdown.  He even ran for 69 yards and another touchdown in the big win.

Rural Retreat hosted a clash of two promising programs in the district.  Patrick Henry waltzed in with a proud 4-0 record and Rural Retreat was defending its own 3-2 mark.  The Indians prevailed but it wasn't easy.  Dakota Humphrey kept the Rebels in the game until he was removed late due to injury.  Before leaving the contest, the Humphreak amassed a whopping 244 yards and reached the end zone twice.

On the other side of the ball were Jared Richardson and Trent O'Neil getting the big numbers.  O'Neil carried the ball 14 times for 134 yards and a touchdown.  He even caught a touchdown pass from Wyatt "Watch Out" Sowers.  Jared Richardson, evidently nicknamed "Frank the Tank" for reasons we may never understand, carried the ball 21 times for 181 yards and reached the end zone four times.  

Plenty of fantastic performances on Friday and Monday.  Who did the panel think deserved the honors this week?


The extended weather riddled week six is now finally over.  Week 7 is upon us.  How much stuff do you not know?  Let's find out...



5-1 4-1


Another bunch of good performances by our Hogo teams last Friday night and another week that left the panel stressed out.  "Who should I pick?"  "Can we only pick one?"

In their first win of the year, Marion shutout Holston 24-0 with efforts from Ryan Marston (9 carries, 67 yards, and 1 TD) and Kelby Ford (16 carries, 63 yards, 1 TD).  

The Rural Retreat boys handled Tazewell with relative ease.  Runningback Jared Richardson accounted for 179 yards on 26 carries and two touchdowns in the 44-14 triumph.  Quarterback Wyatt Sowers once again impressed with three rushing touchdowns and a passing touchdown.

Northwood took care of business against Chilhowie and for a consecutive year can call themselves Smyth County Champions.  Eric Doane led the Panther-prowl with 24 carries for 143 yards and two touchdowns.  He was also 4 of 11 passing for 84 yards and two more touchdowns.  He accounted for all the touchdowns in the 26-13 victory.

Patrick Henry erased a six game skid to the John Battle Trojans thanks to Zane Seymour and Dakota Humphrey's big games.  Dakota carried the ball 21 times for 203 yards and three scores in the 45-12 drubbing of their county rival.

Who did the panel decide was top dog this week?


When:  November 17, 1990

Where:  Harry Stuart Field, Lebanon, VA

Billboard 100 #1 Hit: "Love Takes Time" - Mariah Carey


THE HYPE:  Both Lebanon and George Wythe were the new kids on the block in the Hogoheegee in 1990 much to the disdain of the other members who saw the two schools as being too big to enter.  Lebanon and George Wythe’s enrollments were a little bigger than that of Chilhowie’s and Patrick Henry’s but really not so much that they didn’t belong.  They were here and there was nothing anyone in the Hogo could do about that.


Half the season is over. I know, I feel the sadness too.  But guess what!?  There's more good football left.  Plenty more!  What does week six have in store and what can you learn?  Let's find out!



3-1 5-0



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