Well, week nine just passed us.  Did you hear me?  WEEK NINE.  FOOTBALL SEASON IS ALMOST OVER!

It's true.  But some athletes in the district this year are working hard to make sure this season is one you won't forget, even if it is going by fast.  

Back-to-back winner and three time player of the week, ChooChoo Trey, had another good night as did my new favorite nicknamed runner, Sam Wagnasty, of Marion.  Were those two studs good enough to haul in more honors to their already tremendous seasons?

Panel, what you thinking?

 IMG 20141029 203116

 Photo provided by SWVA Photography


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It's Wednesday.  Ya'll know what time it is.

Player of the Week, numero ocho.  *Cue techno beat*

Eric "Touch" Doane, Blake "It to the House" Olinger, Sam "Look Out!" Wagner, Darius "Six" Moore, and "ChooChoo" Trey Skeens all had big nights last Friday.  Who did the panel think deserved the honor this time around?

Photo by Kennard Photography.  Hey Kennard Photography, have you taken more pics this year?  
They're always awesome and I could use more.


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It's toughest on the panel when the stars align in such a way as they did this Friday and Monday.  There were only three games, thus limiting the amount of impact players.  There were three blowouts, further limiting the impact.  And there were strong team efforts, once more limiting the individual performance.  For a panel accustomed to choosing between the best five touchdown night, they were forced to think and reason with a higher degree of consideration.  Let's see what they came up with, shall we?

GWskeensImage taken from Trey Skeens' Hudl.com page.  Sorry, Trey.  Hope it's cool.


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