Be sure to check in at HOGOGAMEDAY.COM at 5:30pm for live video pregame coverage of all of this week's game.  We'll be at Patrick Henry highlight the Marion and PH game!   Stick around for the play-by-play show starting at 7pm!

It's toughest on the panel when the stars align in such a way as they did this Friday and Monday.  There were only three games, thus limiting the amount of impact players.  There were three blowouts, further limiting the impact.  And there were strong team efforts, once more limiting the individual performance.  For a panel accustomed to choosing between the best five touchdown night, they were forced to think and reason with a higher degree of consideration.  Let's see what they came up with, shall we?

GWskeensImage taken from Trey Skeens' page.  Sorry, Trey.  Hope it's cool.


Unfortunately due to work and sick family members I won't be able to make it in time for the pregame this evening but Dillon Hutton, Travis Debusk, and the rest of the crew will have you covered.  They are doing an audio pregame show starting at 5:30 and then a little play-by-play action of the game to follow.  Be sure to tune in tonight at HOGOGAMEDAY.COM for all the live action.

I'll show up at around game time to Tweet the action and provide updates for the other district game happening tonight as well.  Be sure to follow @HogoOnline on Twitter for all the detials.

Just a reminder, the crew will be live at 5 from Damascus tonight!  Be sure to tune in.  We definitely want to try to be on time tonight, the last few weeks we've been a little tardy on the start.  At 7, the broadcast crew will relocate in Saltville to provide live play-by-play of Northwood and George Wythe so be sure to tune in for that.  I will stll be providing updates throughout the district on Twitter and you can hear those updates on the play-by-play as I forward them.

If you have any issues accessing either feed, please Tweet @HogoOnline or @HogoGameDay and let us know!  Feel free to Tweet us during the live show with any questions, comments, or shoutouts.

Pre Game Show!  5pm Cancelled

As of now, the game is still on though!

Live Play-by-Play!  7pm  Cancelled


You can only access these broadcasts on HOGOGAMEDAY.COM or by highlighting HOME and clicking GAMEDAY.

The panel is made up of a good group of guys.  They're all close friends or reliable informants and that's why they're included on the weekly email.  That said, nothing pleases me more than to hear them gripe about how tough it is to pick a player of the week some weeks.

Who did the panel pick this week?

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