I think we all knew this time would eventually come.  

I started this website 10 years ago.  I remember the very night I got started - I was watching New Year's football with my laptop on my knees trying to figure out how to buy a domain.  I distinctly remember Boise State's trick plays that led to their defining win over Oklahoma as I navigated my way through the back-end of the internet's shaky depths.  The website began and so did a really neat chapter of my life.  I fancied myself an amateur reporter at times and went to tons of sporting events within the district and met a ton of awesome people.  The website slowly grew and before I knew it a coach took interest and sent me an email.  I looked for the email for this post to see if I could cut it in here but unfortunately it was deleted long ago.  Basically Coach Bailey, Northwood's basketball coach at the time, told me he enjoyed the site.  At that time the site was just a bunch of HTML boxes and colors.  Anyone could have done better. I was just the only one doing anything like that for the Hogoheegee.  His words meant a lot to me - "Wow, a coach actually looks at this?".  I figured at that point I had better straighten up and do better - so I did.


1st Team Offense

2nd Team Offense

QB Eric Doane SR NW Wyatt Sowers SR RR
RB Dakota Humphrey JR PH Rashad Wells SR GW
RB Jared Richardson SR RR Andy Cuddy SR PH
RB Tyler Hardin SR GW Trent O'Neil JR RR
WR Cameron Kestner JR C David Dickinson SR GW
WR Preston Shaft JR M Tyler Foster JR RR
WR Connor Buchanan SO PH Chris Greer SR NW
TE Tanner Cox SR RR Elijah Collie JR H
C Gavin Gray SO GW Josh Copenhaver SR RR
OL Quante Ford SR RR Parker Coe SO GW
OL Dylan Anderson JR GW Leo Vitale SR C
OL Zach Smith SR RR Matt Tignor JR PH
OL Austin Wyatt SR M Sam Pickle SR NW
UT Brennan Turley SR NW Holden Tolley JR GW
K Campbell Buchanan JR PH Malaki Russell JR GW

1st Team Defense

2nd Team Defense

DE Quante Ford SR RR Chase Rosenbaum SR GW
DE Eric Doane SR NW Sam Pickle SR NW
DL Dylan Anderson JR GW Steven Fox SR GW
DL Cade Rouse JR RR James Reese SR M
DL Brandon Cale JR C Jarett Adkins JR PH
DL Jackie Ray Frye SR NW Austin Crabtree SR H
DL       Owen Parks JR H
LB Tyler Hardin SR GW Will Montgomery SR RR
LB Zach Smith SR RR Jordan Sanders SR PH
LB Robert Watson SR GW Andrew Johnson JR C
LB Zane Seymore JR PH Rashad Wells SR GW
DB Brennan Turley SR NW Tren O'Neil JR RR
DB Kane Owens JR GW Chris Greer SR NW
DB Dakota Humphrey JR PH Connor Buchanan SO PH
DB Kelby Ford SO M Campbell Buchanan JR PH
P Deacon Beamer SO GW Brennan Turley SR NW
Ret Brennan Turley SR NW Markell Moss JR GW
OL of the Year Quante Ford  SR RR
RB of the Year Dakota Humphrey JR PH
Offensive Player of the Year Dakota Humphrey JR PH
DL of the Year Eric Doane SR NW
DB of the Year Tyler Hardin SR GW
Defensive Player of the Year Eric Doane SR NW
Coaching Staff of the Year George Wythe    
Website of the Year Hmm?    

Congrats to George Wythe's football team who survive another week of playoff football with their unexpected triumph over Radford!

Well, we didn't get the #hogosweep we wanted last Friday but we did get 50% of our teams through to the next round.  It's not a passing grade but we'll take what we can get.  Bland County and Patrick Henry lit up the scoreboard down in Emory last Friday.  I got to see first hand one of the craziest games I've been to in a long, long time.  Northwood and Eric "Touch" Doane got off to a hot start over in Russell County but some late mistakes came back to haunt the Panthers.  Both Patrick Henry and Northwood had very solid seasons and vaulted above expectations many had coming into the year.  

Rural Retreat pounded what can no longer be referred to as an upstart Auburn program.  The Eagles are a good program now that competes regular with their Three Rivers gauntlet. Rural Retreat deserves credit for dispatching them in the first round.  George Wythe took on Twin Springs, a team that had beaten a couple of Hogo teams already this year.  The Maroons had no problems keeping the Titans out of the endzone en route to a first round win.

So who plays this week and what do the old, dusty history books have to say about it?


2012-Current (Matte finish)



It finally happened.  I finally went to a game that had a memorable ending.  It's been a while for me.  I couldn't tell you the last time I went to a game that was supposed to be close and actually ended that way.  Most of the time there's hype and then I show up and the game is decided before halftime.

Last Friday started out that way for me.  George Wythe pulled ahead 21-0 in the first half and a lady bullied me out of the way with her chair so she could sit on the side of the hill. There was plenty more hill, lady!


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