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The panel had to blow the dust off their podiums and get back to making decisions about who is the most deserving of the Player of the Week honors brought forth by this website each week of the football season.  There were plenty of outstanding performances this past opening Friday from all the way out in Rye Cove to all the way up to Radford.  Who did the panel pick this week?


Welcome to a new "maybe weekly" column exclusive to Hogoheegee.com where statistics are looked at in a wholly different way.  Today, I'm calling it "Tuesday Statistics" but that is admittedly pretty lame.  Tuestistics?  Statuesday? I'll think about it.  Basically, I pick one interesting thing that involves numbers, plug it into some statistics software and then see how it becomes represented visually. This week I was interested in HOLSTON and how they have fared in the last ten years offensively depending on the size of school they played.  After Friday's unprecedented 72 to 62 loss to Rye Cove, I couldn't help but think that maybe there's a trend to scoring output based on the size of the school Holston plays.  Let's take a look and find out!

First, I wanted to know how many points does Holston typically score against teams with less than 300 students versus teams with more than 300 students.  The chart below shows the trends over the last ten years.  You see the red dot just above 60 in the loss column?  That was Rye Cove on Friday night.  We call that an outlier.  See kids?  Now you're learning stuff.  In general, the chart below (which is a scatter plot with a fitted line) shows that in the last ten years Holston has had success scoring points against schools with 300 or more students.  The blue point in the win column at around 2011 is an outlier as well and is pulling the blue line upward.  Without that point, the blue line trend would more closely mirror the red line.  That blue dot up around 60 in the win column was from a 62-21 victory over Patrick Henry in what ended up being just a 3 win season for the Cavs.  Now you see, this chart does not represent the success of Holston's seasons over this span, just how they've fared offensively, or should I say, at scoring points as not all points are scored on offense. (Keep reading)  

stats 9 1e


www.HogoGameDay.com is live.  What does that mean?  Well, you can traverse between that website and this one with ease.  This site, Hogoheegee.com, will continue to log scores, results, history info, write-ups, and the forum.  HogoGameDay will be where the live GameDay pre-game shows are played live and archived.  It's also where you can find all Hogo related video including interviews as well as live and archived play-by-play Spreaker casts.

You can get there a couple of different ways.  One, you can click the "GameDay" tab up above.  Two, you can just type www.HogoGameDay.com right into your browser.  

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To get back here you can either "Return To Hogo" at the top of the HogoGameDay.com site or just go to "Hogoheegee.com".  You'll want to utilize both websites this season for pre-game shows, live play-by-play radio, scores, results, and the message board.

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Remember, this Friday at 5pm to visit HogoGameDay.com to watch the pre-game show airing live from Marion Senior High School.  The show will last an hour and include interviews of coaches as well as a surprise guest at the end.  We would like to remind you to bear with us as this is our first attempt at this.  We can only hope it goes as smoothly as we've invisioned.  Catch us Live at Five on Friday to kick off the Hogoheegee New Year!


State of the Hogo address by Dillon Hutton.

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