The playoff map has been udpated and things are taking shape with only two weeks left of this regular season.  There's still plenty left to be decided though!

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I don't know how your weekend went but mine was a little rough.  I skipped out on Friday football for the sake of my annual Halloween get together and that was the lone bright spot for me.  The next day Virginia Tech.. well, I can't even type it out.  And then my Cowboys (don't judge me), well.. I can't type that either.  But you know what makes me happy?  A tight district race!  Here's how/what each team needs to do/have done to earn that ever elusive Hogo football crown.  Alphabetically speaking...



There will be no Game Cast once again this week.  No, not business related.  Full disclosure, it's almost Halloween and I like to party.  I promise you that the fact southwest Virginia will morph into a forzen tundra tonight has no bearing on me not casting.  I mean, it is harder to do in the cold - my hands freeze up, I can't Tweet effectively, the camera shakes from my jitters, and I audibly complain a lot about how cold it is.  I'm the guy that sits near you in the stands and after every play comments on just how cold it is: "Man, it's fricking cold!"  I might repeat this 40 times throughout the game as a constant reminder to you that I prefer warmth.  I guess I'm hoping someone within earshot will throw a blanket up at me - it never works though.  I complain about how cold it is once it gets below 50 degrees, so I must be tropical.  I once worked in a freezer section


It took about 37 seconds for the entire panel to respond to my poll on Monday which means we had our second unanimous vote of the year. 

As has become custom in the Hogo, there were great performances in each game a district team was involved in.  Take Marion and Patrick Henry for instance.  Sam Wagner and Trey Crook put up video game like numbers against the Rebels.  Well, not even video game numbers unless I'm just not that good at video games.  Holston and Northwood put on quite a show Friday night as well.  Runningbacks Shane Milhorne for Holston and Northwood's Jason Prater had notable performances for their respective teams.  Up in Wytheville, Justin Jones carried quite a load in earning the Warriors a district win over traditional district powerhouse George Wythe.

So who won the honors this week?

Chil Jones


Today's article is all about playoffs.  Playoffs!

Playoffs are only a handful of weeks away and this is how things are shaping up in 1-A West.  I've posted the complete playoff table along with a map of the Top 16.  You can better envision the travel of the first couple rounds with it.  Check it out below or click here for full size.  Keep reading for a full breakdown of 1-A West and some insight of 2-A West for Marion folks.


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