The past few days have been rough.  I'm sick *sneeze*.  The site has been on the fritz thanks to the server change.  And because of all that, I'm late on posting the Player of the Week for this week. 

The panel voted unanimous for the first time this year.  This week's player of the week is....



GW Trey Skeens


It's not my fault I have a weird obsession with digital recreations of area football helmets.  Cute, little digital recreations.  No, blame it on Mike Gardner.  He made nearly one hundred-thousand of them on his website  When I found that site I was astounded by the amount of work put into it.  Work that no doubt yeilded next to zero in terms of rewards but was still uber satisfying to look at.  You'll find Mike's helmets all over the internet.  You can't Google image search a single US high school without one popping up. In 2007, seeing helmets of schools in our area, right there, on the big, vast internet blew me away.  Five years later that amazement has subsided... everything is on the internet, big whoop.  But Mike no longer maintains his high school section and understandably so.. it's HUGE and demanded way too much of the guy's time.  Mike is awesome by the way and a few years ago he was nice enough to do an interview with the website that you can check out right here.  

So now that Mike doesn't do them anymore, guess how they get on the internet: yep, me.  While I'm no Mike Gardner, I've honed my craft little by little over these past few years.  I used to get excited about football games at the beginning of each high school season but now I just sit in wait while tapping my fingers together like an evil villain, for those new helmet designs to unveil.  As soon as I see one, boom, Photoshop is open.  Depending on the difficulty of the design, I spend the next few minutes or several minutes glancing back and forth between images, descriptions and my digital masterpiece until.. WALLAH! HELMET!  Then I upload that bad boy to the interwebs and wait for you social media vultures to nab them up and use them on your Facebooks pages and as your Twitter avatars with as little as a "Thanks bro."  You criminals! 

I ain't even mad.  That's why I do it.  And I now see why what started as a little hobby for Mike Gardner of just his local Alabama teams turned into an overly obsessive nightmare of world domination.  It had to end some time.  I drew the line at old Region C and D and Southwest districts.. my homeplace.  I might tackle more later on but for now that's more than enough.

So without further adieu, lets have a look at every Hogo school's helmet design for 2013, starting in alphabetical order:

Chilhowie's 2013 helmet definitely adds some spice to a school that has only shifted between two helmet designs for the last 16 seasons.  Judging by logos from several sports, it appears as though Chilhowie is sticking with that italic "C" as their logo base, the one made popular by their baseball caps.  Throw in a "Redskins" flavored circle with feathers and their iconic warrior head profile and you have a complex design.  Knowing Robinson's affinity for history and tradition, I can't look at this helmet without figuring the inspirations came from their 1970 design for the stripes (their Group A, State Championship year), 1987 design for the originality, and their "C" for modernization.  Overall, I like it despite the complexity.



Make sure to hit this link at 7:30PM tomorrow night to catch live action between Marion and George Wythe.  Also, don't forget to add me on Twitter @HogoOnline and follow along with live tweets and updates from around the district.

This matchup is intriguing for a number of reasons.  One reason primarily being these two teams were hyped before the year to be the district's #1 and #2.  Of course, after the opening week Chilhowie must also be thrown into that mix.  Secondly, this will be Marion's third straight district game in their innaugural Hogo campaign and George Wythe's first.  If district standings are important to anyone anymore then this game is certianly crucial for both teams.

To be only a half-hour apart, these two former AA schools of adjacent counties haven't met too often.  I can't comment on their meetings before 1990, again as I only have George Wythe's records back til then, but I don't think they met much before then.  I do know in the latter part of the 90's and maybe even early 2000's, the two teams scrimmaged before the season started.  So of the only two official games I'm aware of, and again I'm sure there are more, George Wythe leads the series a whopping 2-0.  They throttled Marion two years ago at Pendleton 52-13 and squeaked by them 17-14 on last year's route to a state title.

Will Marion throw a wrench into the district standings with a win over the reigning king?  Or will George Wythe assert it's dominance against the district's newcomer?


George Wythe Maroons
Wytheville, VA

Enrollment: 435

Coach: H.S. Ingo

2012: 14-1, Group A Div 2 State Champions

Last Game: 7-36 Loss at Fort Chiswell

Next Game: 9/20 at Floyd County

Record:  1-1


Marion Scarlet Hurricanes
Marion, VA

Enrollment: 715

Coach: Joey Carroll

2012: 7-5

Last Game: 40-0 Win at Northwood

Next Game: 9/20 Rural Retreat

Record: 1-1




Again, it's POTW Wednesday!  The panel had a tough go deciding who should receive the honors for this week's Hogo hero but overwhelmingly decided on one player eventually, as they always do.

*Drum Roll*

The player of the week is....

Seth Thomas 2013

Photo from


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