We're already approaching week 6 of high school football.  Can you believe it?  We must be having fun because time is flying by.

Two weeks ago the panel breezed to a unamious decision - Trey Skeens, all day.

Last week the panel struggled but at least two agreed - Elijah Onks.

This week there was a tie.  A big tie.  And I'm the tie breaker - lucky me.

The tied votes were between two quarterbacks who squared off in a single game.  It's rare that a player of a losing team even makes the list, but this guy had to.  This quarterback led his team with 273 yards passing, completed 50% of 24 pass attempts, and scored 4 total touchdowns including three through the air against a notable defense.  A defense, I might add, that had allowed no more than 27 points all season, and that was to district power George Wythe.   39 is a large point total for a losing team and it certainly earned the panel's respect.  But across the line of scrimmage, the other quarterback completed over 54% of his 11 attempts for 99 yards, 3 TD's through the air, and 2 more on the ground to lead his team to triumph. 

So, who earned the honors?

2013 Trey Crook


For most of us high school sports fans, it's football season and football season only.  I'm guilty of it, too.  Even as a lifelong baseball fan, as soon as NFL and college football kickoff, America's favorite passtime quickly becomes my favorite naptime and all I do is eat and breathe football for five straight months.  But, it is imperative that we are prudent toward other sports. While the boys of fall are smacking their pads together and soaking up all the media attention, athletes in other sports are also competing for playoff glory too and their efforts should not go underecognized.

Golf and cross-country are late in their respective seasons but volleyball is right smack in the middle and things appear to be getting mildly interesting.  Unfortunately, I'm woefully behind on keeping track of the local volleyball teams partly due to the unavailability of the information online.  Again, I live too far away from Bristol to justify a subscription to the BHC, so if it doesn't make it online, it likely doesn't make it on here.  That being said, it's always hard to find results from volleyball tournaments even via print media and our teams have been involved in two: the Fort Chiswell and Northwood invitationals.  I've looked for...


At 7:30 PM tomorrow night, point your mouse here and click a few times  http://tinyurl.com/m7d57v3  for play-by-play updates of Chilhowie at Northwood.

As I alluded to in my fireside chat on Tuesday, I had no idea that the long standing rivalry between Northwood and Chilhowie had been recently named the "Apple Bowl" and obviously didn't know there was a trophy at stake.  Again, I think that's awesome and I think that's good for any rivalry.  Personally, I wish there was more of that stuff to add some character to a few of the other matchups around.  That being said, while the Apple Bowl is a rivalry on multiple levels, it has lacked any semblance of being competitive for nearly an entire decade.

Chilhowie has won 9 straight games against their neighboring foe, their longest winning streak against any team they currently have scheduled.  The last 7 of those games have been identical; Chilhowie has scored 42, 42, 35, 35, 35, 34, and 37 respectively while Northwood has scored 14, 7, 13, 6, 0, 6, and 8 respectively.  The closest matchup was 2004, the beginning of the Warrior winning steak, when Chilhowie took a 13-6 home victory.


Fresh off the first unanimous decision of the year, the panel struggled this week to come together on who deserved the honors.  I don't blame them, there were so many good performances in week four it was hard to choose just one.  Some simply replied to the email confidently with a single name, others offered a few names and reasoned their pick with a few paragraphs.  When the final votes were counted only one player had multiple votes, the rest had just one.

So who did the panel pick in week four?

GW Onks


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